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Article: Feminine Mid-Century Modern

Feminine Mid-Century Modern

Modern Boho Living Room Decor

This pretty roundup was inspired by the artwork titled 'Lounging', I love how these pieces come together to create a living room look that feels feminine, modern yet also warm and inviting.
Unique throw pillows in solid colors or simple patterns help create a break between the busier patterns found in the artwork and rug. The round curves of the pink, swivel chair adds a modern element making the room feel more eclectic. A patterned rug creates an old-world feel making a room look as if it were collected over time. All sources listed below.

Light Pink Swivel Chair | Gold Suede Pillow | Pom Pom Cushion | Pink Pleated PillowRound Velvet Pillow | White Table Lamp | Sconce Light | Blue Tufted Sofa | Rug | Artificial Rubber Plant | Iron Pot Planter

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